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Kingdom Prayer at Westminster

Praying for one another and for the Kingdom is one of God’s great gifts to his people. We have a network toreceive and distribute prayer requests. Using biblical models of the language for our faith, a Kingdom Prayer update is available below. To receive Kingdom Prayer emails or to submit a prayer request, email

Kingdom Prayer Update

May 2017

Nehemiah 1:4-6: As soon as I heard these words I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven. And I said, “O Lord God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, let your ear be attentive and your eyes open, to hear the prayer of your servant that I now pray before you day and night for the people of Israel your servants, confessing the sins of the people of Israel, which we have sinned against you. Even I and my father’s house have sinned.”

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Pray to God, offering up your desires to Him in the name of Christ, asking for help from His Spirit (Romans 8:26) and confessing your sins with thankful acknowledgement of His mercies (Philippians 4:6 "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God").

Give glory to God and pray in the name of Christ (John 14:13-14) as He alone is our mediator, and there is no other in heaven or earth able to give us access into God's presence than Christ (Hebrews 7:25-27).

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Pray fervently for the kingdom work of missions that the Gospel may be spread throughout the world (2 Thessalonians 3:1: ...pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you.) and that the kingdom of sin and Satan may be destroyed (Psalm 67:1,18).

Missions: Pray for the David & Lynn, Paul & Maggie, and Vernon & Newton as they translate the Scriptures into other languages and as they support the work of translation throughout the world.

Outreach: Pray for the upcoming season at Camp Westminster - for the counselors and campers; that the Spirit of God would have free course in directing the lives of these young people. Also, for Summerhill ministries serving the youth in Atlanta; pray for their summer programs and that Gospel outreach would be efficacious.

Ministry: Pray for our Pastors, Session, Diaconate, and all of the Church ministries. Also pray that the mission and vision of the Church would continue to align with the tenets of God’s Word.

Give us this day our daily bread.

For ourselves and others, pray that we would all wait upon the providence of God from day to day as His fatherly wisdom seems best.

John’s struggle with pancreatitis; pray for physical comfort and wisdom for the doctors as they seek the best long term treatment.

Claire’s healing from surgery and long term depression.

Sally’s is suffering from some physical and emotional pain. Pray for the right pain management; and for her parents as they seek help to care for her long term.John, who is experiencing complications from cent ear surgery and hearing loss; also receiving treatment for macular degeneration.

John is recovery from surgery and wisdom for the doctors as they treat his lymphoma. Also, for JoAnn as she cares for John.

Jeanne’s appropriate treatmentt fainting spell.

Praise that Jim continues to recover well from a nerve syndrome. Continue to pray for his eyesight and for his transition back to full time work.

Margy’s severe pain in her right arm; pray for her upcoming tests on May 30th – pray for correct diagnosis and proper treatment.

Martha’s praise for her mobility but continued prayer for her recovery from a blood clot in her leg.

Ethan – thankfulness with some improvement in the bone growth of his arm; pray for complete healing and wisdom for his physicians.

Noble’s struggles with a liver disorder; pray for a correct remedy and restoration of his liver.

Matthew – wisdom for doctors and parents concerning the treatment for anxiety and depression.

Charlie – struggling with issues related to autism; pray for proper treatment and wisdom for his parents.

Melissa (Stephen’s mother) – upcoming surgery for breast cancer.

Pray for the children of the church: communicant and non-communicant members – that the Lord would sanctify their lives and keep them from evil.

For our expectant mothers: Keith (June 2017), Courtney (July 2017), Ashley (September 2017), and Jenni (November 2017).

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

Seek the new obedience of humility (James 4:6 "But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.") and pursue the will of God and law of the LORD.

Confess to the Lord your sins and seek forgiveness from others. (Matthew 6:14-15 For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.)

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:

Pray that we and all of God's people may by His providence be kept from being tempted to sin (Matthew 26:41); or when fallen, raised again and recovered out of temptation (Psalm 51:12, Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.).

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Ascribe to God alone, eternal sovereignty, omnipotence, and glorious excellency (1 Chronicles 29:10-13).

Testify in your prayers to your humble reliance upon Christ and belief in His assurance by saying "Amen."